Why Valiant Living Recovery Housing

Helping you address your mental, emotional, spiritual, physical, and family needs

Advantages to Enhanced Recovery Living Environment

Valiant Living Recovery Housing provides a healthy living environment for addressing the social, emotional, behavioral, and professional demands of society. Our houses are centered around peer encouragement and professional case management. With Valiant Living Recovery Housing, you will begin addressing the obstacles to loving God, self, and others.

Sober Living Housing Advantages

Real-life responsibilities in a real-life setting

Behavioral accountability

Recovery support

Peer support

Physical fitness

Working with mentors and recovery coaches

A path to freedom – by taking a step back to propel you forward

Help addressing the underlying relapse triggers of hidden addictions, mental health issues, and trauma

Help integrating the head (knowledge) with your heart (experience & action)

Help with the issues that inevitably arise in early recovery

Specialized Master-level therapists to work with you on an outpatient basis

Why does the recovery living housing concept work?

Studies have shown that the first twelve months after finishing rehab are critical to improving one’s chances of staying free of the bonds of addiction for life. With recovery living, residents enjoy a mutually supportive atmosphere geared to helping them maintain sobriety while also removing common triggers that may lead to relapse.

What makes Valiant Living truly unique?

Our recovery homes with enhanced services are similar to graduate school in that you get more specialized training. We work with you, your referral source and your family to help address some of the issues that will cause problems in your ability to enjoy recovery and heal.

Our services are designed to meet your needs while you are employed as well as engaging the wider recovering community, your family/friends, your religion or spiritual community, and other healthy activities.

We understand how to treat the issues with “romance and finance” that lead to the fear, resentments, obsessions, and compulsions that cause relapse or unfulfilling recovery.

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How Long Should You Stay in Recovery Housing?

You can stay for as long you need so long as you follow the rules. Per the advice of rehab consultants, the recommended time to invest in your best chance for success is 18 months. At Valiant Living, we highly recommend staying at least 6 months, though three months contracts are available.